Round Graduated 1.7-4.5 mm Tennis Necklace


  • Round Graduated 1.7-4.5 mm Tennis Necklace
  • Clasp: Hidden Safety Clasp
  • Stone: Graduated Cubic Zirconia
  • Color: Colorless, Quantity: 192
  • Shape & Cutting Style: Round Brilliant: A gemstone cut to enhance brilliance without sacrificing much carat weight. 
  • Size: 1.7-4.5 mm
  • Length: 16"


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All our jewelry is 925 Sterling Silver with an added layer of tarnish resistance rhodium to extend the life span of the jewelry and the gold pieces are 14kt rose/gold finished. Our Cubic Zirconia stones are placed very carefully in every piece of jewelry to prevent stones from falling out. 


Color ME Crazy Boutique Jewelry - Necklace Chain Length Reference Chart

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